REAL LIFE TESTIMONY – Every Woman Must Learn From This…


Once upon a time, I had to make a choice of moving to a “syto school” (public school) or live with the drama of being sacked always for school fees in an International School. This is not to say “syto schools” are bad but if you lived in Accra in the 1990’s and 2000’s you will fully understand how sad it is to move from an International School to a very deprived school.

All this drama was because my dad suddenly lost his job as an accountant in a reputable company at Tema. This sudden job loss brought some hardship ‘biaa’. That’s why me I believe in a woman empowering herself financially. You may never know. I remember vividly the declaration of my mum the day my dad lost his job and I quote “Even if I have to sell all my belongings for you to go to school, I will. I don’t want any of my children to be school dropouts”.

I watched this woman sell anything worth selling to help pay my school fees till my dad got on his feet again.

A pastor once told my dad not to allow me start University of Ghana because it was too expensive. He told him to get me a husband instead.Well that was the end of his friendship with that Pastor. They didn’t have plenty money but their dedication to giving me good education saw us through.

I once met my primary school headmaster at a library and he said;
Headmaster: Herh what are you doing here?
Me: I am doing my Master’s 
Headmaster: Eeei…, you this girl you have done well ooo. How is your mum? She use to come to my house at dawn to warn me not to sack you school fees. That woman (mum), she won’t even beg ooo, she was always warning me.

My dear women, no matter the circumstances you find yourself, please try your best to educate your children. Even if it means forfeiting some of the luxuries of life.

One of the best inheritance you can give to your children is ”education”

When I hear my dad bragging about his PhD daughter in Canada bla bla blah…, I laugh with my mum because once upon a time he nearly moved my “ass” to a syto school when he couldn’t take the heat. You know how they(dads) take the glory when things go well.

Women aside God, we have alot of power and control on what our children become in the future. Let’s use this power positively. Please dont let your children suffer the same fate as you. You have the power to break the cycle. I am out!!!

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