[RECAP] Good Friday Miracle Service 2017!

The Lighthouse Chapel International held a Good Friday miracle service at the independence square in Accra-Ghana on Friday 14th April, 2017. This annual event, which began in the year 2015, has seen lots of miracles and many lives transformed to the glory of God. It’s a gathering of Christians from all walks of life, but largely dominated by the Lighthouse Chapel fraternity.

This year’s occasion witnessed hundreds of thousands of people fill up the Black Star Square, including government functionaries headed by the Vice President, His Excellency Alhaji Dr. Bawumia. Also in attendance were Bishops and thousands of Pastors.


The program took off at exactly 3:30pm with Pastor Frank leading the opening prayer. The Praise and Worship time set the atmosphere charged with the presence of God. A 50,000 member choir led the congregation in several songs as they danced to the glory of God.


There was also a time for prayers and supplication for the State where, Bishop Sam prayed for the Legislature, Bishop Steve – the Judiciary, and Bishop Kakra Baiden – the Executives.

The seven sayings of Jesus Christ on the Cross were read by various LCI bishops. There were also song ministrations by the LCI mass choir, Lady Pastor Vivaldi, Mawuwen Okuro, Lady Pastor Ida amongst others.

Bishop Dag Heward-Mills preached on the topic, “Why many people think Jesus is the son of God.” Some scriptural references used were, Luke 1:32-36 and John 3:16. He asked the question, “Who is God? Where is He? Why should you believe in Jesus?” And later gave points on “What makes us believe in Jesus.” Some are;

·  He was recognised by demons

·  He walked on the water

·  He feed 5000 people

·  He healed many diseases

·  He spoke to the storm

·  He was crucified, died and arose on the third day.

After his sermon, he made an alter call and led several to Christ. He also led the congregation to partake in communion, which symbolises the body and the blood of Jesus. He then prayed for healing. Several testimonies were recorded.


Addressing the congregation, His Excellency Alhaji Dr. Bawumia, spoke about the importance of sacrifice and assured all that his government was in to make Ghana work again.

It was a true experience. If you missed it, ensure you are there next year.