Relationship Series- Dealing with Jealousy

With insecurity comes jealousy and naturally, there are people who are very jealous and a relationship should make you jealous.

Is there a possibility that there will be a person who never gets jealous? Honestly, no! I don’t think so. Anyone who says so is a liar.

Even God is jealous and if you want to argue about that, let me refer you to Exodus chapter 20 verse 5 in which God stated emphatically that I the Lord your God, i’m a jealous God. So tell me, who that person is. I will prove them wrong.

See! The tendency for people to lie is to give another person the impression that everything is okay and mostly it happens with people who are afraid because of tales they’ve heard or people who have gone through problems in past relationships.

In psychology, we call it “denial”. I mean, why should you overlook an act and go like its okay when deep within, there’s a thought that isn’t a good one?

It is possible for you to be jealous and hide it, but it is damaging for you to keep it-Smart Takyi-Nixon

People due to jealousy and insecurity, tend to push their partners into losing friends from the opposite sex.

Ask yourself; why would a person who wants to live the rest of their life with me push me to lose my friends? That person is probably not worth living life with you.

We are in this life together as a people, you met that girl last month or even a year ago. You have known Mavis all your life, known Debora since primary school and because you have exchanged some “i love yous”, you are compelled to put a stop to your friendship.

What is equation of a family life if you cannot keep friends?Is she the only one going to keep you?

Unless the people in question pose a threat to your relationship, i don’t see why you should cut them off. Maybe a little space, but cut off no! And honestly, unreservedly, people who do that inadvertently have a lot of friends of the opposite sex and trust me, they wouldn’t like to lose theirs.

There is a new saying that “relationship is like a cemented surface. When it’s freshly done, it is easy to
write in it but the moment it dries you need nails to write and even that, it doesn’t appear well”.

So, if you give somebody the affirmative that you can cut friends off because they demanded, they have the will power to dictate from then on who comes and who goes.