Relationship Series- Goals against Insecurities Part 2

I ended the part 1 by making you aware that if your partner seeks your attention all the time, they don’t want you to succeed.

People knew him or her at work, church, school and home before you came into the picture and until you have that understanding, you may think people are dragging your partner. You cannot have a problem.

You should only have a problem when you are together! When we go on a date, we left the confines of our rooms. We could have sat in your house or my room but we left, and said let us have a change of environment and give a serene ambiance to the relationship.

We took the date all the way to “SECOND CUP” and you have spent thirty minutes on your phone. Why shouldn’t i be angry?

You are going out to the movies. She wanted to go alone with you but you suggested a double date. Now your friend has vibes more than you do and he is chatting the ears out of both ladies.

Your girlfriend is laughing more than she has ever laughed at your jokes and you are angry. You can’t be angry. It is a group date! Be quick to realize the setting.

“He/She needs to respect me and know that i am around”. Pause! You are wrong! You are only around when you are together. If you are not together, do not be around.

Having said that, i am not saying your partner should just spit in your face anyhow. I am not saying give them that room to operate like a fowl in a free range system.

I am saying be quick to notice the environment in which you find yourself so as not to get picked at everything.

Create an atmosphere so that you feel comfortable with each other.