Relationship Series- Goals against Insecurity [Part 1]

A lot of you people have problems in their relationships, because we are not quick to realize the setting in which we find ourselves from time to time.

We get peeved at every little approach anyone else makes towards your partner. It is a problem and a big one as such, because if you do not take care, you will always be judging that partner of yours wrongly and pushing them away bit by bit.

First of all consider the instance where you two find yourself in the same church environment. You can’t stop people from hugging your partner. No! It takes wisdom to understand.

You can’t, because the moment you assume the position of trying to stop everybody from getting closer to your partner, you are putting yourselves in a circle of isolation.

Now take note;

You will get to a point where word travels fast and people close to you will start communicating.
One will tell the other [“chaley! If you see Emma’s girlfriend, don’t get close huh… Else Emma will get angry”] the other will tell another and then it goes on and on.

Before you realize, everybody has heard the big news, then she becomes a walking zombie and she will barely have a handshake.

You have to put in mind that if you really trust your partner, you don’t need to have her give you attention all the time.

“Absolutely beautiful, categorically stunning, blazing hot”, these are all passive comments that will keep coming from people. Nothing personal, no heart feelings.

If any lady or any man wants your attention all the time, trust me they are sent. They don’t want you to succeed in life.

We have a lot to learn and it takes wisdom to understand that you don’t know it all.

Its not over just yet.