[Listen] Rev. Eastwood Reveals Truth About The Spirit In Action Chapel

On a Special Wednesday Night service organized by the Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams of Action Chapel International yesterday on the Spintex Road, Rev. Eastwood Anaba, the guest speaker for the service preached on a message he entitled, “Supernatural Magnetism.”

In his teaching he taught with a theme reference; “In Him we live, and move and have our being. – Acts 17:28”

Teaching on the relevance of the Holt Spirit, he mentioned that it is an error for a child of to be living in Christ, moving in Him and having his being in Him but yet be confounded and limited by the standards of this world.

“Accra does not make man, it is man that makes Accra. Likewise it is the Spirit who lives in us that makes us who we are supposed to be. Not the other way round,” he preached.

Listen to the sermon here.