Saturday, 25 November 2017 – Obey to receive

Scripture: St. John 2:5 But his mother told the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”

To obey is better than to sacrifice. Obedience is key in the life of man. The suffering of man began all because man couldn’t obey the instructions given by God. People lose their jobs, marriages, trusts, freedoms, lives, among others because of not obeying to instructions. Some even fail in exams for disobedience.

Many Christians are not getting what they need because of obedience. The man of God is not getting to the level he ought to be because he is not obedience to God. He can’t obey the voice of God.

Some instructions seems not to be normal but if not followed, you can’t make it.Because obedience is key, Mary told them that if they can get whatever they wanted to make the wedding a success, they should obey her son, Jesus Christ.

They told Mary but why should she say obey my son and do whatever He tells you? Yes, she couldn’t do it but she had the link and so she was the link. They obeyed and guess what? A better wine was provided freely than those purchased expensive.


Thank You, Father for the day. Help us to obey Your commands always to live the life worthy of Your promises. Amen.

May the Lord speak into your life today.  Amen.