Saturday, 28 October 2017 – Stand by your confessions

Truly I say to you, Whoever says to this mountain, Be taken up and be put into the sea; and has no doubt in his heart, but has faith that what he says will come about, he will have his desire.

Having looked at the confessions of Jesus sometime back, it is expedient for us to understand one ingredient which must be present if we will have any results with our confessions. Over here, we are looking at the character of being firm (being consistent, courageous and bold) with your confessions. We can’t do any better without this virtue.

Often times,  children of God can declare: ‘I am a new creation of God, I have the divine life in me, Greater is he in me than he that is in the world, there’s no condemnation for me, I cast out devils, heal the sick and raise the dead, I am the healed of Christ’. These are very beautiful and powerful confessions. They follow the pattern of the master’s communication and every child of God must learn to declare who they are in Christ in this way.

To translate this declarations into manifestation, we need to stand by them. The power of God will only move if you will stand by your confession. Refuse to fear when what you have said about you is being put to test, if you stay firm, unmoved by your feelings and other opposing forces you will come up with a testimony. The difference between us who always record miracles and those who don’t is this ingredient. I have had a lot of people healed in my ministry instantly but to get this result, one thing I needed was the virtue of being firm.

I remember praying for a lady with pains in the ribs. When I prayed first she said she could still feel pains so I prayed again then she was healed. I was ready to pray for her 100 times till she was completely healed, nothing stops me when it comes to the things I believe. Until you are firm and not ready to take no for an answer, you may not see a lot of testimonies. Rise up and stand by your confessions today!

I stand by my beliefs and Confessions in the gospel. If God said it, I believe it and that settles it. If Christ accomplished it for me, I believe and that settles it. I remain unmoved over the things I believe.