Sex is having two people touch each other,it involves two adults who have agreed to involve in this act. But from a christian point of view sex is not about two young people who think are of age and can indulge in sex, also marriage is where two adults have agreed to come together and live whereby the man performs the rites and families are in agreement and an ordained minister blesses them to proceed in procreation.

If sex is to happen,it should be between a man and a woman just as it says in the Bible. As young people it is advice-able to stay away from sex for it is a sin against your own body according to the Bible, it involves your body,soul and spirit.

Also the Bible frowns on sex before marriage because no formal rites have been done to usher them into marriage it is just like taking advantage of someones daughter or stealing something that does not belong to you.

According to 1st Corinthians 6:18 and 19 which encourages Christians to flee from sexual immorality,sex opens one up to so many things, here they exchange so many things through the body, spirit and soul.

Sexual sin happens when one indulges in this act without the blessing of God, there is adultery, masturbation, homosexuality which are named under sexual sins and are unlawful.

One can watch the kind of friends they find yourself associated with; avoid the friends who will lead you the wrong way by encouraging you to sin.

Meditate on the word of God daily, renew your mind daily with the word of God, pray for help from God to help you live the christian way and not fall into sexual sin.

Get involved in church activities to keep your mind on the things of God.

Now, the society does not see anything wrong wuth sexual sin but as Christians we should not support this act.

Openly confess to your pastor to help you and if there is a need for deliverance it will be done; you will go through counselling.

Read books that will edify you and give you knowlegde to overcome sexual sin. these are things of the flesh that can affect your spiritual life.
SOURCE: Rev. Brand-Ford Akrong,Perez Chapel International on the Precious Morning Show


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