Share the burden and have a larder church

One of the most difficult tasks in life is to lead people. I notice that most church exclude the educated and the rich from ministry.

Usually, the rich are expected to contribute money whilst the educated enhance the image of the church. However, I have found that both the rich and the educated can be spiritually useful.

There are many medical doctors, carpenters, plumbers, specialists, lecturers, architects, and engineers who serve as lay pastors. These lay pastors share the burden of ministry.

If you want to have a greater ministry than what you currently have, you must share the burden. Sometimes people do not share the burden because they want to take all of the glory for themselves.

They want people to feel that they are the only ones with a supernatural gift. They want people to show appreciation to them alone.

Others are afraid of rebellion in the camp. How common is the story of associate pastors rebelling. Many senior pastors fear their assistants will outshine them one day.

Fear not, only believe! You cannot expand without trusting people. The work is so great that you will never be able to do it all alone.

The burden of the ministry cannot be borne by one person. It is simply impossible.