Should a woman delay in accepting a man’s proposal to test his love?

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To some ladies, it is a strategically intellect to turn down a man’s proposal for the first time to test him if he means what he has said or to test the man if he truly loves her. Some also turn down proposals to make the man thinks that she is not cheap.  Some ladies go a long way of stretching the man for a long time aiming at testing his love if he is a real man before accepting him. Some even use harsh words on the man to know if he has a good temperament. In this effect, the question is, should a lady stretch a man a while before she accept his proposal?

Now, whether the man who has proposed to you is genuine or fake, there is no need to stretch him or turn his proposal if you are also interested in him on condition if you are not engaged. The acceptance of a man’s proposal must base on the fact that you know who he is and not necessarily rejecting his proposal to know if he loves you or not. A Real man can wait to have you while a fake man can also wait to have you. So what is your problem stretching someone if you think you are interested in him?

First of all, you need to know that, a man who needs something desperately can go a long way from length to breath to get what he want. Men who are womanizers are the most patient’s men who can even wait to get you and dump you after they have gotten what they want from you. The issue is, to know whether a man is genuine or fake does not lies within turning down his proposal for the first attempt. It lies within your friendship with him. Marry your best friend.

As a lady, you need to know the kind of man you are ready to accept his proposal. You need to know that you are accepting that man’s proposal because you know who he is. You want to accept his proposal because he is your friend. Never accept a man’s proposal when if you don’t know him or who he is. Even the devil can wait for many years to trap you if he finds it difficult to get you.

Your reason to say no to his proposal should be because you are not interested and not that you want to stretch him.  You must say no to his proposal because you don’t know who he is. You must say no to his proposal because it is dangerous to accept a proposal for the first encounter on the street.

In conclusion, it is a waste of time to turn down a man’s proposal whom you think will be a good husband to you. It is a waste of time to turn down a man’s proposal whom you are really interested in and know him as a friend. Before you accept any proposal, be sure of the calibre of that person and not necessary to play tactics to know if he really loves you. Know who you are as a lady because your decision within today can become a regret tomorrow.

Be in a friendship with him or know him personally before you accept his proposal or say I do.