Some Ghanaians share their thought on Joe Mettle’s new single

Joe Mettle’s new single title “Bo N)) Ni” ft. Luigi Maclean has finally been released.

Some part of the lyrics of the song goes like “I am who I am because of you, If it had not been for you
Tell me where would I be? I was lost when sinking deep in sin but you reach out your hand and rescued me. No one else can do the things you do, there’s no one else but you Bo nɔɔ ni, Bo nɔɔ ni.”

According to Joe Mettle, the song is a testimony unto God for how good He has been to him.
However, most of his fans are not enthused about his latest single. Many people claim the song is not as unique as his normal old songs they will usually nod their heads to.

Below are some of the views people shared concerning the song.

Mr. Dom Agbakpe a journalist who writes for gave out his opinion saying he doesn’t like the nature of the song.

“I am one of the biggest fan of Joe Mettle, I like him and love his songs. His songs are spirit filled, so touching and inspiring but this particular one it’s a no no noooo”

Miss Stella also a journalist thinks that, Joe Mettles new song cannot be compared to his old song “)wawani”.

“I like the song, but I don’t love it like his other song  )wawani.”

However, an event directorate from Primeval Media Ghana also said, she prefers the snippet to the normal song.

“No one else by Joe Mettle is a nice song but I prefer the snippet posed on his Facebook page” Miss Deisey added.

“Congratulations Joe Mettle, I just listened to your song. In fact the part I really love is, I am who I am because of you… well I think the song is interesting but too long. The snippet was quite impressing but I think if it was shorter, people would appreciate it more” Miss Ernestina an event directorate with Primeval opined.

Joe Mettle has received several awards due to the quality and the spiritual impact his songs carries, making him win artist of the year 2017.