Some Ghanaians share their views on whether the gospel events organised are for soul winning or fame

It is very obvious lately how Christian events are being organized randomly.

The question is – Are these gospel events organized purposely for soul winning or for entertainment?

Gospel took to the streets of East Legon- Accra to gather opinions concerning the issue.

Upon their views, Mr. Nii Okai kyei claim the gospel events organized of late are not for soul winning with the look of their dressing and makeup but rather for money and fame.

“Now when you look at the gospel musicians this days, their makeup and dressing those not show Christianity so is just for money and fame”

Others perceive the event organiser’s rather do the events for money but the gospel musicians sing to win souls for Christ.

“The organisers do it for money and the singers do it to win souls for God”

In addition, one lady suggested that, the gospel programs this days are not held for the sake of God but for their personal interest by showing off their silky and beautiful voice and also engaging in fashion competitions among themselves.

“The programs they do are done just for money but not to win souls for God. Some sing because of their beautiful voices and at the same time to show of their dressing and make ups for their fellow gospel musicians to see their new dresses. They don’t show any heart felt in their music as winning souls for God”

Also Mr. Enock  believe some of the gospel shows are really organised well and are for winning souls for Christ but others aren’t.

“Some of the gospel artistes or the events that are going on, some really do it for winning souls and are doing it really well but others are doing it for money and fame”