“Song of Praise” by Janet Martin

As You draw away the midnight’s purple awning

As the slumbering flower opens up her eyes

As song birds herald the cool and tranquil dawning

A miracle before man’s wondering eyes

As the dormant breeze awakes in gentle sighing

And passes through the trembling walnut trees

Oh, my awesome God there’s no denying

None but you bestows moments like these


The tumbling waterfall declares your power

You bring a tree to sprout from hills of stone

You deck this evil world with sweet wild flower

And in the darkest night I’m not alone

The mighty oak resides within an acorn

The warrior is a seed within the womb

And in Your love You wore a lowly mans form

To place Your hope within the darkened tomb


The raindrops laugh upon the emerald pillow

Where grass and leaf, where fern and tree reside

The sunlight filters through the swaying willow

And croons a lovely song in morning’s tide

Your love flows in torrents from the heavens

Your love flowed in rivers from a cross

Your love tells me that I am forgiven

And all I give for you will not be loss


My tongue cannot declare your holy wonder

My quill can never pen the perfect word

The God within the hurricane and thunder

Can see the fall of one small helpless bird

The God who knows that man is dark and sinful

Will dwell within the soft heart of belief

He gives us power o’er this worlds luring evil

And draws us from the road of sin’s vast grief


The heavens declare the beauty of Your glory

The earth bursts with the goodness of Your hand

While I repeat in awe love’s old, old story

And in my hour of doubt it’s new again

You pour Your endless mercy like a shower

As I drink from the well that never dries

You whisper to me in this sacred hour

And paint Your mercy ‘cross the morning skies