Have You Carved Out A Moment Each Day To Spend Time With God?

spending time with God

Hi. I’m Christine Lemmon and this is Walking Temples—the place to be if you’re looking for restoration of your heart, soul and mind. Come along with me as we look at all things related to the interior design of a woman.

Today, let’s talk about carving out those quiet moments to be alone with God.

“There’s something about those dark, early morning moments when the sun sits below the horizon that allows a person to block out the noise and distractions of the world and for things to become clear.”

In today’s hectic world wouldn’t you love for things to become clear? Everything is so fast-paced and we’re constantly bombarded. From social media to emails, texting, phone calls, not to mention the demands of work and family. It seems like every second of our day is filled with something— even if it’s just music in the car while we’re driving. Noise and distractions are everywhere.

In the midst of it all, wouldn’t you like to discover an “island” of your own?  Not a real island, but that special moment every day where you can block out the noise and distractions and be alone with God.
Growing up we lived in a house attached to our ice-cream shop. All I had to do was run through the kitchen, through a door and there I was in this kingdom of sorts, this charming pink ice-cream shop with fifty flavors. A child’s dream.




I was little when my parents bought the place and had to stand on an upside down bucket to reach into the coolers. It was so much fun working there, scooping ice-cream all those years in a thriving summer resort town. But there were lines out the door until midnight. And sometimes, it could be a little overwhelming. So as a little girl I’d go into the sugar cone closet, close the door behind me and sit there a few minutes, thinking my own thoughts. I could still hear the crowds ordering ice-cream just outside the door, but learned at an early age how important it is to discover a moment each day where I can tune out the noise and distractions and sit alone is silence, praying to God.

I love setting my alarm, waking before the sun, before my kids. And while waiting for my coffee to brew, I kneel down beside my couch in the quiet, darkened house and pray. It’s like going out to my very own remote island to meet up with God.

When Jesus wanted to talk to God, His father, alone, He would wake early and go out, or leave the crowd and go to the other side of the lake to pray.

How about you? I’d love to hear from you. Have you discovered an island—that special moment each day where you can meet up alone in prayer with God?

Remember. God is with us always even in the midst of our noise and chaos. But discovering an island of your own—carving out that moment each day to intentionally meet up with God alone—is one of the most refreshing things you can do for yourself!