Steps to Identifying a Woman who seeks Christ

Many women are usually found in church but only a few have the heart for God. Follow these steps and you too can build yourself.

1. She believes in God and is willing to serve in his house

2. She prays for her home and others not only herself,she stands to intercede.

3. If given a leadership opportunity she serves diligently just like Deborah in the Bible

4. She learns from her past and tries not to repeat it

5. She understands her purpose in this world and not only to marry and give birth but to fulfill that which was placed in her.

6. She makes up her mind and an effort to overcome temptations of trusting in her beauty or marrying unbelievers.

7. She is not proud and unforgiving because she knows it can hinder her prayers.

8. She is hospitable just as Rebekah in the Bible she is willing to accommodate others and care for them

9. She is always modest in everything even in her way of dressing- Genesis 24:65