Successful end of Victorious Women Conference {Women of Exploit} 2017

Indeed what men can do, women can do better greatly and powerfully. It is all about the strength of the Lord and the power of a woman.

The victorious Women Conference’s final day was really a success. Both women and men in their beautiful white and red with a colourful kente attire.

It all began with a powerful praise and worship, prayer and a victorious song led by the co-ordinator who was also the Mc for the program.

On stage the church choir {Life Choir} ministered powerfully then came the victorious choreography by the victorious dancers, and finally  Minister Cassy, who changed the atmosphere with her angelic voice.

The host of the conference, Rev.Mrs. Nhyira  Apeaning mounted the stage and  introduced the speaker of the program Rev. Jennifer Selly.

Rev. Jennifer Selly started with word of exaltation as she began her sermon with Isaiah 40:28-31, saying God will give you strength to the weary to do exploit.

The title of her sermon was “Rise o Women and fight” Micah 4:8-13. Daughter of Zion rise up and fight for God has a thought for your life.

“Whatever is going on around you does not matter at all because your destiny is assured with God.”

“Arise and fight for the violent shall take it by force. The women and men of exploit, you must rise in the spirit. It is not physical as we say the violent take it by force but arising in the spirit to fight.”

“The woman of exploit is a woman who is focus and fighting hard in life with the strength of God to greater things.”

“Fight for your calling. At your office you are being fought against by worldly people who makes you confuse whether you should join them or not so you are not able to tell someone about God.”

“However, as a woman, there are great things that God has specially placed in you so build up and grow in the spirit to do exploit in the Lord. Stop wasting your time on unnecessary things.”

She disclosed that, there are courageous women in the bible we need to learn from, citing Exodus 2:2. Don’t give up women, apply a little push in life. The devil cannot destroy what you are carrying. She added saying, as  a woman never go after someone’s husband or a married man but rather lookout for yours.