“You have the fullness of grace you need, but unto everyone of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ”-EPHESIANS 4:7


Grace can be described as the love and mercy God has bestowed unto us according to He’s desire. So it has absolutely nothing to do with our works or how worthy we are. This grace puts us in a state to experience His forgiveness, repentance and Salvation. Thus, Grace is the unmerited favor of God given to man to fulfill His will or purpose on the earth.

In the above scripture, there is an acknowledgement of supernatural gifts to all believers accompanied by grace. However, every believers’ measure of grace is received according to the number of gifts the believer receives.

We then need to put ourselves in a state of receiving more from our creator. Since the more we receive, the more grace we attract.

We also have to be responsible for the gifts we receive in order for God to bless our lives as He gives us more, Amen.