Sunday, 12 November 2017 – Sharpen Your Iron

Scripture: Ecclesiastes 10:10 If the iron is blunt, and one does not sharpen the edge, he must use more strength, but wisdom helps one to succeed.

Wisdom is the right use or exercise of knowledge; it is also the choice of good ends, and of the best means to accomplish them.
The king uses the sharpening of a blunt cutlass or iron as a way of renewing the strength to work. Those into farming can testify this well.

When the cutlass is blunt and you are using it you use more energy and so you get tired easily and even get pains in the body palm and other body parts.
So is the Christian. You need to grow in Christ. This can be achieved through wisdom. And this can be achieved through studying the word, reading and learning from others and seeking for God’s direction.

One tool to help you achieve this is time. Don’t be too busy to study the word. Don’t be too busy to pray and wait on the Lord, through this you sharpen your iron.
When this is done you are able to work for long hours without feeling tired.
You can no longer pray because your iron is blunt, your word is no longer piercing because you are blunt, things are not working right because you are blunt.

Sharpen your iron and take the new strength to work again.

Prayer: Blessed be the Lord God almighty for the day and word. Sharpen all blunt irons O Lord, for we are your tools. Amen.

May you be sharper today in Jesus Name. Amen!