Superstition Surrounds Kintampo Disaster

Kintampo Disaster

Passengers carrying body parts blamed for Kintampo Disaster

A survivor of the horrific carnage on the Kintampo road has blamed the tragedy on three passengers whom he claimed carried body parts of dead relatives on the Metro Mass bus.
My joyonline reported that the passenger, called Charles claimed that three passengers failed to perform rituals such as the pouring of libation believed to be a requirement before transporting body parts. The survivor explained that the bus driver who perished along with 63 others stopped to address a fault on the bus.
According to Charles, the driver could not repair the bus well enough and continued the 200km journey to Tamale. Corroborating other accounts of survivors, he said the bus was running with the speed of a jet. Not long after, the driver hit three cows, lost control of the steering wheel and rammed into a truck carrying tomatoes. The massive impact left Charles suddenly buried under at least five bodies, he said. Before the impact, panic-stricken passengers were frantic in prayers.
Charles said he informed the driver that he was carrying body parts for burial in his hometown where he was heading.
According to traditional beliefs, a family unable to bring back the body of a dead relative for burial in his hometown may cut off some parts of the body such as the hair for final funeral rites to be performed at the deceased’s hometown.
Charles said he carried some nails, hair and other parts and sought permission from the driver to board the bus. They performed some traditional rites before he boarded the bus.
According to him, there were three other persons who carried body parts but failed to respect the tradition declaring what they were carrying. For him, the accident was not because the bus developed a fault but because three passengers failed to perform rituals for carrying dead parts.

Account of Another Survivor of the Kintampo disaster

A survivor of the Tamale-Kintampo road carnage has blamed the driver of the Metro Mass bus’s reckless driving as the cause of the accident.
“The driver said he wanted to hurry up to the station to pick passengers for the return journey”, Sumaila said.
Describing how the accident occurred, the survivor who has lost both legs said, the driver refused the plea of passengers to reduce his speed.
“He was really speeding. I have never seen a bus ran so fast”.
According to Sumaila, the driver veered off the road, hit two cattle on the side of the road before ramming headlong into a cargo truck which was moving from the opposite direction.
Superstition is the belief in supernatural causality—that one event causes another without any natural process linking the two events—such as astrology and certain aspects linked to religion, like omens, witchcraft and prophecies, that contradict natural science.
Whatever the cause, whether the disaster was due to passengers carrying body parts or the recklessness of the driver, we know that the enemy is at work to destroy lives.
The Kintampo disaster should not have happened. The unnecessary loss of lives and the nationwide mourning should be a wakeup call for sleeping Christians.
As said before, its time for Believers to rise and take their rightful positions in praying for the nation.