T.D Jakes – 70 Greatest Life Lessons

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Life Lesson 9

You’d be surprised at the things that look great on the outside but are dysfunctional on the inside. Be sure to function as good as you look. I once knew a functional alcoholic. You’d never guess he had any troubles and managed to function on a day to day basis without anyone finding out about his addiction. Until it got the better of him of course. Never assume that someone has it all together, more than likely they are facing so many more battles then you can ever imagine. As for yourself, work on the instead as well as the outside, because both are important if you want to live a good and happy life.


Life Lesson 10

How you think about your opportunities determines how you will act on them.

The way we think about anything in life will determine the things that we do about them. If you think that you will fail then you probably will because you have already decided that it will be the outcome. Don’t underestimate the power of your thoughts. You need to act with enthusiasm, gratitude and excitement with all opportunities that come your way. This simple act of positivity will get you so much further in life than you could ever imagine.


Life Lesson 11

Big ideas come from forward thinking people who challenge the norm, think outside the box, and invent the world they see inside rather than submitting to the limitations of current dilemmas.

We all have big ideas, but most of us are just too afraid to do anything about it. We’re scared of what others may think, of failing and of changing a world that we have become quite accustomed to. When life feels too comfortable it becomes very hard to change the way we do things. We get caught up in daily habits that do nothing to strengthen us or move us forward. To really live life and to see positive changes happen we need to act upon our thoughts and challenge our normal way of living. Only then can we truly see a change. Don’t be afraid to do things a little differently today.