Take the Plunge! By: Gloria Copeland

Can we live like Jesus? Yes, we can! We have been born of God and filled with His Holy Spirit.
After all, the same Spirit Who descended on Jesus when He was baptized in the Jordan River comes upon us when we’re baptized in the Holy Spirit. And that Spirit gives us power to do the same works He did. If you doubt it, go back and read the book of Acts again. All the way through that book you’ll see miraculous, amazing things occurring. You’ll see miracles performed, people healed, devils cast out—not by Jesus Himself, but by people like Peter, John, Phillip, Stephen and Paul.
Acts 9 tells of a time when Peter even raised a woman named Dorcas from the dead. Verse 42 says because of that miracle “many believed in the Lord.” Of course, they did! That’s the way God meant for His gospel to be preached. He never meant for people to believe His Word is true just because we say so. He wants manifestations of the Spirit to accompany and confirm it. In this last, great move of God on the earth, people are going to start seeing those manifestations again. Signs and wonders are going to follow the Word just like they did in the book of Acts. That’s exciting, isn’t it? But what’s even more exciting is this: If you’re preaching the Word of God, those signs are going to follow you!
You and I don’t have to be bystanders who just watch what God is doing. We can be part of it if we want to be, and I’m telling you right now—I want to be! I want to be right in the middle of it. I want to be under the spout where the glory comes out! I don’t want to be tangled up with natural endeavors that won’t even matter to me a year from now.
God didn’t put me in this end-time generation so I could fritter away my time on the temporal things of the world. He didn’t baptize me with the Holy Spirit so I could give all my time and attention to some silly thing that I won’t even remember next year. He equipped me with His power so I could flow in the spirit and accomplish eternal things for Him that will last forever!
He sent me here to show forth His mighty deeds and display His love (1 Peter 2:9). That might shock some people, but it is true nevertheless. After all, Jesus Himself said, “As my Father hath sent me, even so send I you” (John 20:21).
How did the Father send Jesus? He sent Him anointed with the Holy Ghost and with power (Acts 10:38). And that’s how He is sending us! He is sending us to live like Jesus lived. To do that, we must get out of the world’s flow. We must stop being limited by its sickness, poverty and lack of power. We must start living in the flow of the Spirit. We must start living a life of abundance, blessing, health and increase. A life that acts like the Word of God is true—that lets the Holy Spirit lead, and lets love light the way.
That kind of life is available now to every believer who is willing to step into it. It is ready to flow from within you and provide you with everything you need to become all that Jesus has called you to be. So if you’re still on the bank of this mighty Holy Ghost river, watching and wondering whether you should take the plunge, let me encourage you to go for it. Don’t wait another minute. Jump on in…the water’s fine!
-Go With the Flow!