Why You Should Not Bypass This Vital Spiritual Practice

taking every thought captive
Taking every thought captive has been something that many have heard, but have found difficult to practice and maintain.


Over time, many lose heart and do not maintain this vital spiritual practice. It is one that cannot be ignored or bypassed. Mind renewal is essential for every believer who seeks to walk in God’s ways, because walking in His ways requires kingdom thinking.


In renewing the mind and maintaining a renewed mind, taking every thought captive is the key. And when the Word says take every thought captive, He means every thought!


This means that even when you receive a thought from the Lord, you have been given permission to take it captive and hold it to the lens of God’s Word and His ways. God’s voice will not violate His Word. He may violate your faulty understanding of His Word, but that is a whole other subject in itself.


God is not insecure and will not become offended if you take His thoughts captive. The thoughts of God are filled with so much love and power that as we grow in Him, we won’t be able to miss Him when He speaks anyway! In fact, as you walk away from fear, you will learn to become more accustomed to hearing and knowing the voice of the Holy Spirit.


Many believers get lost in this whole concept, because they believe every thought that comes at them like a wave must be from God. Yet the Scriptures teach us that Satan comes as an angel of light and would love to bring about torment through agreement with ungodly thoughts or words of divination.


Many times impressions will come that seem to line up with God’s Word, but are filled with condemnation, lies, fear and other spirits of deception. These deviant thoughts are filled with murky waters and can lead us to walking in error. This is where many cults and perverted sects can begin to form. If this is the case, there may be an antichrist spirit seeking to bring defilement with beliefs and statements that do not line up with God’s Word or His view of you as His child.


Satan knows God’s Word very well and can even use the Scripture against you, using accusation, guilt, shame and condemnation. He can take something from the Word and twist it in a way to make you feel afraid and tormented. That is why it is crucial that we become more than familiar with what God says about us through His Word.
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