Tapping Into Divine Provision; Rev. Eastwood Shows

The Secrets Of Divine Provision

Psalm 78:25 AMP

Man ate the bread of angels;
God sent them provision in abundance.

Is it possible to be a Christian and live under divine provisions despite the poor economical trend in your country? Sure it is. God is good God and a Father who will not allow His children to live under impoverished circumstances. Surely, there will come trials and tribulations that will test our faith. These trials are meant to strengthen us in Him.

It is our lack of knowledge of the word of God that puts us in such situations to make us doubt the promises and goodness of God. He’s always been and will always be good. He’s provisions for us are daily and not seasonal.

“…give us this day our daily bread…”- (Matthew 6:11)

Watch this inspiring sermon by Rev. Eastwood Anaba as he releases wisdom keys to “The Secret of Divine Provision.”