“Testify” by Wendy Patrick

I testify that God is good – He was all through the year
During the times of great success, and moments of despair.

He’s kept me on the road of right – He’d gently give a prod
If anything should make a try to shake my faith in God.

You all would know temptations that would tend to come our way;
But were it not for love and grace – where would I be today?

The many times God’s shielded me from accidents and death;
When careless drivers drive too close, and I can’t catch my breath.

You know the times I stopped the car for one minute or so;
And laughingly would ask the Lord “But why you love me so?

For day by day you’re shielding me along these tortuous roads;
From drivers who just cannot wait, and trucks with heavy loads.”

Financially, God has been there – I am no millionaire;
But God provided day by day – I did not have to fear.

The strangest thing is – as I gave to church and charity:
I found the more I gave for God, the more came back to me.

Some days my body was not well, some days I felt so low.
That’s when I would repeat the promises of God I know.

His words are reassuring – whether spoken or in song;
It’s always gratifying when the right words come along.

So, I can testify today that God is good to me;
As long as I keep faith in Him, my Rock He’ll always be.

They say next year will not be bright that it will start out dim
Don’t let that shake your faith in God – just put your trust in him.

And as we press on day by day let’s motivate a friend
To join this wondrous race, and then, to hold on to the end