[Testimony] Blessed With The Fruit Of The Womb!

Dear Kakra,

God has done it.

I wrote to you about my inability to have a second child after several attempts to get pregnant failed. I became alarmed after I had a dream and a woman in the dream told me I will keep waiting to get pregnant, but it will never happen. You prayed with me and I conceived. Unfortunately, I miscarried.

I wrote to you again and you encouraged me and prayed with me. To His glory, I conceived again. This time too I almost miscarried. I was put on bed rest for a whole month in the first trimester of the pregnancy.

Things turned out well until the last trimester when complications started again. This time, it was a case of IUGR, a situation where the baby stops growing in the womb because the placenta is malfunctioning. I was therefore scheduled for a caesarean session to save the baby. I wrote to you and you prayed with me.

In the space of one week, the situation changed and all fears were laid to rest. The malnourished foetus that had stopped growing just shot up in weight to the amazement of the doctors and nurses working on my case. They all said it was a miracle.

By the grace of God I had my baby at last. It was a normal delivery and the baby came out healthy. Truly, we have victory over the enemy.

God bless you!

Source :Airpower .