[Testimony] Brittany’s Redemption

Christ took a selfish, fearful girl and turned my life around providing true peace and joy. Thank you Jesus!

Before Christ I was a people pleaser. I was considered a “good girl” but my aim was not to Glorify Christ, but myself.

I was living in exhaustion trying to please everyone around me. I didn’t have true joy.

Although “saved” at age 9, I remember the day when I reassured my salvation in Christ. It was September 2005 and the fear of this World and all its troubles were crippling me. I finally surrendered and felt a peace and joy I had never experienced.

I quit saying yes to everything everyone wanted me to do(even if great Godly things) and am learning to say yes to JESUS! I have found so much rest and joy in disciplining myself in this.

I am confident that my JESUS is REAL. He is Peace. He is joy. He is truth. He is faithful. He loves me! I have faith in my eternal life with him!

Peace. I finally had peace beyond anything I could understand. My fear was being replaced by trust and faith in Jesus. Also, Joy. Instead of serving to please other people, I could rest in the joy of pleasing my Savior.