[Testimony] “God Makes A Way Where It Seems Be No Way.”

Timothy’s Testimony  

I was born in a family which was not financially fit.so I went to school up to class 8.I wanted to go to high school but was not possible, I had a very hard time and decided to go and look for a job in town. I got a job in a company but was very hard job, so I ask God to show me the direction. In primary school I did art so I was good in drawing and know that one day this drawing will help me but I use to draw for fun. I prayed to GOD to show me what to do for a better life and my family. Then I had something telling me use this little money you get through your hard work and go to Design College, I saw this as a good idea. Then the interest i had in primary school of drawing came back and I loved it. I went to the collage and i was very sharp to understand better than the other students who went high school and was also teaching some of them, that was God’s wisdom. I can’t really imagine it till now i wonder how GOD works brother and sister, GOD IS REAL. So i finished the collage and got a good job. I thank God, I have a knowledge of someone who has done masters in the same course (Design) and now am planning to open my own company GLORY BE TO GO .Amen