[Testimony] God Preserved My Life

Mary Kiganda, right, and Carolyn Ohams, both from the Archdiocese of Washington, sing Aug. 5 during the opening Mass of the Third African National Eucharistic Congress at The Catholic University of America in Washington. The closing Mass of the congress was celebrated Aug. 7. (CNS photo/Leslie E. Kossoff) See AFRICA-CONGRESS-CLOSING Aug. 8, 2016.

On Tuesday 23rd August 2016, I boarded a flight from Washington D.C to Accra. As always, we the passengers casually strolled in and made our way to our seats, largely ignoring most of the safety instructions video.

A few minutes into take-off when the pilot had made maximum acceleration and a few feet up in the air, the plane suddenly came down, hit the tarmac, and a screeching noise ensued. The pilot had hit the brakes so hard and yet the plane was still in forward motion for another five minutes. The stewards were screaming for us to be in a brace position with our heads down, and some passengers were also screaming in panic.

Ten minutes later, we came to a screeching halt with an announcement made that the flight had been aborted. Our main engine had failed suddenly! If we had gone but twenty minutes in the air, over the Atlantic Ocean, I would not be here sharing this testimony.

God had His angels in the front, rear, and sides of the aircraft and kept us from going further up. He brought us on the ground the moment things went awry and kept 265 souls safe.

Emergency crew came up and transported us all back to the terminal where we were given hotel vouchers to stay overnight. As a result of the sudden impact on the ground, 4 tyres had completely burst out with smoke rising from the burning rubber. The engine had also completely failed and the plane was still on the runway as at 12 noon the following afternoon.

We boarded a new aircraft, and ten hours later when we landed at Kotoka, we all burst out in a loud cheer; GLORY BE TO GOD!

I praise Him for His protection and travelling mercies, and I thank Him for preserving my life.

Gifty Adu

From ICGC.