[Testimony] Hover Board Accident

In October 2016 my 11 year old son had a accident outside whilst riding his Segway hover board and cut above his eye, He came in ran upstairs crying I ran up after him and immediately saw blood gushing down from above his eye, as I looked closer I saw the cut was deep so I held the cut together and went to clean the wound. After cleaning it I held it together again with one hand whilst looking for plasters to hold it together. We then drove to the hospital as quick as we could and registered in the emergency room and waited to see a doctor or nurse. There was a lot of people in the waiting room but as I went to see a nurse as he was still bleeding a lot – she immediately saw him and cleaned the wound and we was told to wait again in the waiting room. I really thought my son would end up having stitches because when I first saw the cut it was deep and at least 5 inches long just above one of his eye but praise be to God when the two different nurses saw it they said they would only need to glue the cut together with medical glue and put strips across the cut and within 5 days we could take off the strip. Thank God the cut healed beautifully and I know God had a hand in everything. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

By Brenda.

Source: 2praisegod.com