[Testimony] The Voice of God led me to the keys

In July 2015 my wife locked some of our family items in one of the rooms of our house. Time came when we needed some of these items but she could not remember where she had placed the keys. She was sure she had placed the keys inside one of the old pair shoes which, unfortunately, I had later thrown away. I looked for that old shoe and when I found it the keys were not there.  My wife then decided to check carefully each and every item in our bedroom but she could not find them. She finally gave up. Later I suggested to her that we break the lock but, for some reason, she pleaded that we wait.Then early morning on 9th August 2015 I had finished praying and was thinking of the message I would preach some time in future. This message had an element of God’s wind blowing from nowhere so I urgently needed a Scripture from the Bible to illustrate my point. Since I had no concordance or any other means of finding such a Scripture, I asked God to guide me. I was surprised when I opened the Bible  and my eyes landed exactly on Exodus14:21:

“Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the LORD caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night, and made the sea into dry land, and the waters were divided”.

This was a very beautiful example of the type of wind I wanted. I was amazed at how quickly the Lord heard my prayer and how he guided me. I was so much impressed by this experience so I said to myself: “If the Lord can show me a Scripture in such an amazing way, I believe he can show me where the lost keys are”. So I prayed to God that he directs me to where the lost keys are. After that prayer I laid on my bed and waited for the Lord to guide me.
After a few minutes I heard a voice, within my inner heart, telling me to check in one of my wife’s drawers attached on her side of our bed. I went straight to that drawer and after lifting up a few envelopes within, there lay the four keys!  I was amazed and I thanked the Lord a lot!. I immediately called my wife and she was as well amazed by how God speaks to His people!

Makko Musagara, Uganda, East Africa