Testimony: What You Did Not Know.

Psalm 77:11 acknowledges us to thank God for what he has done .As you keep thanking him,the event becomes more real to you.

In the book of Psalm 34:1-3,instead of complaining,rather talk about the goodness of the Lord.

One may ask,why the need to testify?

Jesus encourages us to testify,to tell others about what God has done.Testimony means that if God has done it,he will do it again.

When we testify,it shows that our God is alive. The more you testify, the more you bring yourself up for exploits.

Testimony releases the power of God according to Psalm 105:1-2,Psalm 22:3 and Jeremiah 30:19.know that people who are born into thanksgiving do not remain where they are, so do not hold back on your testimony or despise other people’s testimony, for they are the builder of your faith.

Testimonies are your weapons of victory over the devil according to Revelations 12:11.

Testimony also changes the mind of People about God and shows the wonders of God. They are the seeds of faith and the indications of a future event.Reference Revelations 19:10.

God multiplies what you celebrate him for so make it a point to share your testimony.