The 12 sons of Jacob (Israel) is the mystery of Christ Jesus

Jacob had twelve (12) sons, and in their names put together was the gospel hidden but now revealed through it. It’s so amazing how God hid all these wonderful truths inside simple names and stories.

Here are the names and their meanings:

Reuben:     Behold, A Son is born to us
Simon:       One who hears
Levi:           Attached
Judah:       Praise the Lord
Dan:           He judged
Naphtali :  My Struggle
Gad:           Good fortune
Asher:        Happiness
Issachar:   Reward
Zebulon:    Honour
Joseph:     Add to my family
Benjamin: Son of righteousness

When the names are joined together, this is what it says:

_Behold, A son is born unto us, one who hears us and because attached unto us. Praise the Lord. He judged our struggles and brought us good fortune, happiness, reward, hour; he added us to his family and called us the sons of righteousness.-

This completely blows one’s mind when one discovers it. Jesus Christ is not just a name mentioned in sermons. Jesus is the content, the context, the text, the paragraph, the mark and the remark of the “Word of Truth”.
Jesus is the outline of the entire Bible. And His “scarlet thread” of redemption links & runs throughout the Bible!