The 7eventh Man (Pt. 2)!

… I thought to myself whether this could be it. Was he going to tell me? Part of me dreaded that he would ask and this nice friendship would change and yet another part of me wanted the change and anticipated it. I prepared myself as I considered the different responses I could give which would all wittingly say a resounding yes in the end then I heard him saying someone had said yes. What??!! I was a bit confused. Who said yes? I had not been asked any question and I most certainly had not answered any. He was getting married right after school he said, to a girl called Patrice, a girl I had never heard about before that day. I congratulated him, we finished our lunch and that single event completely turned our friendship around, for the worse. I felt like a klutz, sometimes worse. Some people called me names as time went on- a ‘Mrs-Kelani-wannabe’, ‘head-in-the-clouds lady’, a gold digger, etc. I guess he may not have known why I stopped contacting him as I used to, or why as soon as the fund raiser was done, I discreetly left AFL. Like I said, I honestly still wonder.

I should have known better though. Kelani was not the first, nor was he the second guy I had had such a terrible crush on. Of course, as I hope is normal with other females, maybe males as well, I have had my own fair share of such, maybe plus a few. Some of them I must confess I do not remember. These ones never went past a few days. But there were those I could not forget. Those ones stood out in my memory and still do. Some of which went far, too far actually. But now I remember them painlessly. Because I’m over them? Yes, and something else as well. But I’ll come to that later in this story.

There was Sly. Hmmm… now that was a serious one.So serious I dare to call him my ‘1st’. It went on for well, suffice it to say longer than it should have. I met him at a time in my life when I was umm… searching for purpose and for some fun as well. In my search, I joined a performing arts group. We staged dances, plays and such like. Right after I joined, we were invited to perform at a certain gig and out of a desire for novelty, somebody who was also a new part of the group was asked to teach us a dance. That somebody was Sly. He was suave and cool. He was also really funny and as the selections were made and the group shrunk in size, I survived the cut and consequently with intensified rehearsals, we spent more time together. In that time, I got to be friends with him and found there was more to him than his fine boyish face, three bosom friends and knack for dancing. As we became friends, I found that he was all I thought about, from morning to evening. Here I was, seventeen years old, and head over heels in love. We sought each other out, at every rehearsal, performance, meeting of any sort. We were thick as thieves. We became particularly close after he confided in me one day about his elder sister, only sister as well as only sibling who had died and how much it affected him. He wept and as we sat together, our friendship went to a whole new level.

Growing up, I had been taught to believe that doing certain things were wrong. I was so strictly reared not to hold hands with members of the opposite sex, not to even mention hugging any of that species except he was a blood relative. I was allowed to speak with them though; I did go to a mixed gender school after all. I was to abide by many rules, too many to list. Sly on the other hand had been quite liberally or rather differently reared and so did not believe in many of the things I did. I would often plead my case however when my rules were under debate. However the closer we got, the lower my standards went as well. Gradually I not only could hold hands, I justified hugging him as well. One day, we kissed and it felt good so, of course…

…to be continued…

Written by: IH