The Act Of Worshipping.

Why do we worship?  Worship is a form of communication that connect your physical body to the spiritual forms which links you up to God in showing appreciation.

Worship is not about you, it’s all about Him (God). It’s a moment of showing gratitude to God for His greater works in our lives. The attitude you put towards that moment determines the level of your relationship with Him (God). Your personal encounter with God is the most important virtue to value on earth than you attending church every single day in your life. Worship is not about what you love but it’s about who you love and not trying to impress the crowd but delighting the heart of God.

Worship is not a performance, it’s a ministration unto God. It not about you showing off your silky voice or how well you can sing the song, the music style or how loud you sound but rather, it’s about His anointing to prove whether you continue no matter the style and how well you touch the heart of God for His glory or presences to fill the sanctuary.

How do you portray your personal relationship with God to others? Your actions and emotions during worship can basically tell a lot. Irrespective of how shy you are, it will still show. Mostly the common ones we see is shearing tears, screaming, lying and bowing down and an uncontrollable feelings. But there are several inward feelings that cannot be seen.

Most worshippers are slow to anger just because they easily understand complex things. Things that are complex to you actually seems basic to them because their deep thinkers. Due to their relationship with God they always have a spiritual understanding to everything.

One worshipper says; “He worships to express his love for God, since God is the source of his everything”. Worship God in every moment of your life because the bible says, in everything give thanks being it good or bad. Worshipping is an act of saying thank you to God for all His deeds in your live.

When your worship reaches up to God, it opens the flood gate of heaven to rain on your endeavours. It also draws you more close to God because He sees that, you are not ungrateful and He intends to bless you more. The same applies to human, as more as you say thank you to them, the more they increase their giving. Worship is a time of appreciating God. If you can appreciate your fellow being, why can’t you do same for your creator?

So cultivate the art of worship and connect to God for your unseized blessings.

Written by Benie Be-Kwao.


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