The art of leadership, balancing of physical and spiritual lifestyle – Bishop Kakra Baiden

As a leader every area of leadership is necessary but not to centralize on a specific angle. If you are a leader who value other things than others, your followers tends to adopt into it. You end up leading them astray.

As a Christian, every area of your life is needed. You need not to value your spiritual life over your physical living. We must recognize that, everything is important. – 1 Timothy 4:8, Psalm69:22 and Luke 16:19 – It is even good for bodily training but most Christians sees training as not necessary but rather value their Godly live. Godliness is of value but bodily training is of some value as well.

Not all sickness or pains deserves healing from God some are physical so take your health. We must prioritise things, God is important as your family and your work. Do not prioritise God over your family and work. God bless human but through people, God do bless us in spirit and it reflect in the physical realm. Your family and work are blessings from God and we need to value them to appreciate His deeds. If you lose them, you lose a blessing.

Draw a timetable to help you be alien with everything. It is more necessary to prompt you on the things you are to attend to as your daily activities.