The attitude of Singers on the Microphones

So many years ago when I started Full Time Music Ministry I found myself in a very Talented and competitive Choir.

Whenever we were called to sing we had Three Lines.

1- The front liners….then times the word Front liners wasn’t Common. So we call it those who stand at the back of the Mic. They were Very Good.

2- The Good ones who are on Standby in case a Front liner doesn’t make it then they step in.

3- The Back Benchers. The Miserable Singers who are yet to know the Head and Tail of their Calling. I was Part of them.

I never stood a chance of Backing. But I was determined. I kept learning and pushing.

Thank God for All the Choir Masters Who Taught me -Brother Ben, Collins, Mark Newman, Isaac Taylor. Wonderful personalities who played a Pivotal role in my Ministry. I was cool and trying my best. Not long I moved to line 2….Then Occasionally I’ll join someone at the frontline to sing.

Small Small I became an Outstanding Tenor Singer. I backed So much that I learnt to sing all Parts and my Favourite still is ALTO.

When I became the Standing Praise and Worship Leader, i was Still Backing when someone else had to lead.

I never fought over a Microphone. I rather focused on Developing My Self. That’s why till date I could walk to a Church Sit under other Ministers, Soak them and Not Touch a microphone, and I’ll be cool. I went through the Process.

Singers who have been through process and training turn out to become good in future. They do not Fight people or Fight over things. They know how to wait.

Directors….Take your Singers through the Process of Time.

Before I became a lead Vocalist I had waited, learned, observed, and worked on myself. Don’t put people behind the Microphone just because they are good. Test their Character. Test their Endurance level and Test how persevering they are.

Singers Love Microphones but you need to put them in Check. The Singers who have gone far are those that allowed themselves to be trained and their Characters developed.

When you find yourself in the Music Ministry, Look beyond the four corners of your Church, Look beyond temporal fame and popularity, but Rather Lay Good Foundations for your Future. You still have to Be Relevant in your Old Age.  Arise And Move On!