“The Bright Forever” by Fanny Crosby

Breaking through the clouds that gather,

O’er the Christian’s natal skies,

Distant beams, like floods of glory,

Fill the soul with glad surprise;

And we almost hear the echo

Of the pure and holy throng,

In the bright, the bright forever,

In the summer land of song.


Yet a little while we linger,

Ere we reach our journey’s end;

Yet a little while of labor,

Ere the evening shades descend;

Then we’ll lay us down to slumber,

But the night will soon be o’er;

In the bright, the bright forever,

We shall wake, to weep no more.


O the bliss of life eternal!

O the long unbroken rest!

In the golden fields of pleasure,

In the region of the blessed;

But, to see our dear Redeemer,

And before His throne to fall,

There to bear His gracious welcome,

Will be sweeter far than all.