The Definiteness of Purpose ||Quotes||


That is the word everyone on earth aims for. The biggest question, however is this, “How many people get to that point? To that finish line to lift up the golden cup?

What race are you running? And are your running it well to get to the finish line as a winner?

Purpose is a subject every man must seek to define in their life.

It is the force of magnet that attracts a man to winning. It gives him a clear perspective to his existence on earth.

The path is clear, the journey is set and the direction elaborated.

A man who lives life anyhow knows not why he exists. For if he did, he would be more conscious of his actions and seek to make a difference in the lives of people.

True purpose is doing what you were brought down on earth to do.

True achievement is being the blessing in the lives of people. Impacting your generation such that many generations will forever live to tell your story even after you depart into the afterworld.

It is the understanding of purpose that drives you to achievements.

Know your purpose, understand it and run with it.