The Effective Choir Rehearsal!

Having an effective choir rehearsal is one way to maintain a choir. For a serious choir, there is always a lot to do; new songs to learn and new techniques to embrace etc.

Here’s one tip for you: Vary Your Song Selection!

Most choristers complain that their rehearsals are boring. In order to keep your rehearsals active and going, you will need to incorporate the following;

  • Songs that are part of your repertoire, which members sing without stress.
  • Songs that are part of your repertoire, which members have sung over and over, but you need to improvise some sections.
  • And finally, songs that you are introducing to your team for the very first time. In fact, it is believed that learning new songs/techniques etc. will keep your choir members coming back.

I believe once you have such a good mixture, your rehearsals will never be boring.


Written by: VickieAmoah

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