The Fallen Church – The Devil’s Playground

It amazes me today to see so many Church buildings been built, so many Pastors been called, so many sermons been preached, so many prayers been prayed and yet, people cannot seem to overcome sin and their problems keep increasing every single day,  especially people who profess to be Christians…  After series of prayers, I asked God, why are all these happening? And that was when He began with me on the journey to _”THE FALLEN CHURCH”_

He said to me……… 

I see my children gathered in churches to pray against the devil “Lucifer” and all they do is to scream “Holy Ghost Fire, Fire, Fire” as many times as they can, they go home tired and exhausted and yet nothing happens… You see, _It’s because they don’t really know who this devil is, let alone how to overcome him._ My Son, do you remember what Lucifer did in heaven some time ago? “I couldn’t answer”

You see, the devil is not scared because you scream Fire, Fire, Fire, this is someone who was able to persuade and pervert 1/3 of my angels who were with me, do you know what angels are made of?

Psalm 104:4 _”Who maketh his angels spirits; his ministers a flaming fire”_

My angels are made spirits and were covered in flames of fire and yet Lucifer was able to corrupt their Divine nature and convert them into demons, and my children on earth think they can overcome him by just screaming fire? Even those who were made with fire fell to his schemes, how much more you who are flesh and blood?

My Son, I will show you how to overcome the enemy so you can save my CHURCH and other Souls hungry for my salvation…. 

You see, the strategy of the enemy will never change, in the Garden of Eden, _he used what was around man to destroy what was in man_. When the devil attacks your finances, _It’s not because he needs your money_, because Lucifer doesn’t spend money in the dark world, he doesn’t attack your marriage because he wants to marry your spouse, he doesn’t attack your car because he wants a new ride… You see, when the devil attacks any of these things, _it’s because he has realised your heart is connected to them_ so if he can touch them, then he can touch your heart and destroy you. The devil will _always uses what is around you to get what is in you.

But Christians today are more mindful of what is around them, more than what is in them, _we are more scared of losing money than losing our soul_ and that is why we can never overcome the devil, _instead of setting your heart on fire through purity and righteousness_, you are rather praying to set fire around your business, money, cars, future… I pity the Church, _if the devil is able to capture your heart by making you live in sin, he has power over your physical materials…_

Proverbs 4:23 says _”Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life”

Keeping something diligently is more like guarding it from any external influence but unfortunately, the Church today is seriously guarding physical materials and we have sold our soul so cheap to the devil, and that’s why we don’t care living in sin and immorality but we are scared of not getting a marriage partner, or not making a lot of money… We scream fire, fire ,fire, whiles our heart is as cold as winter… We have neglected the messages that prepares people for the second coming Jesus Christ and all we talk about is how to make money and be prosperous on earth, and the more the messages of Repentance, Holiness, Fear of God, Heaven and Hell are neglected the more Sin increases, and the more sin increases, the more the Churches fall before Satan…

The fallen Church will only be mindful of building an _extravagant building with broken souls living in it and that is why there are _Christians speaking in tongues in Church and yet addicted to all kinds of secret sins_, and they will tell you “We are living under grace” as if _grace is a license to sin._

Its a pity seeing my Church walk in deception… 

They have believed in this deception that there was God the father who was always angry at sin, and there is Jesus the Son who also smiling at sin and says…  As long as you have your church’s membership record intact, you have a fat wallet to keep your pastor always smiling, you have a few bible verses you can memorise, a nice Voice to sing about me and a deep Voice to preach about me, you can do anything you want and live anyhow… My Church is in trouble.

But I will still save those who want to be saved. So go and spread this message to all men, delivering them from the venom of Sin… Tell them _to be more mindful of the sins that corrupt the soul, than the witch that stole their money_, because _if a witch can steal your money, its because it first corrupted your soul through sin.

By Brother Maxwell                                                                            To Be Continued……..