The Fight Against Christian Parenting

The government is gradually changing the rights of Christian parenting. This is in order to enforce their long-term agenda.

A trending law in Ontario, Canada, gives government the right to forcefully separate children from their parents or guardians. Thus, in the situation where parents or guardians do not accept their children’s gender expression or identity.

It is only a matter of time before other nations begin to enforce laws of this kind, in the name of “Human Rights.”

The war on Christian values has been happening for quite some time. Starting from eliminating Christian celebrations from most public spaces, to absurd laws or stands on abortion, gay marriages, and transgender issues.

And now controlling our churches, homes, families, and the sacred relationship between parents and children.
It is high time with got serious with the upbringing of our Christian children worldwide. Since the enemy is never relaxed to destroy our younger generation.

Let’s say a prayer for :

the younger generation and

the government ruling over us