The Holy Spirit Effect!

Last week, I shared about the possibility of ministering a particular song over a period of time, with a continuous impact on your audience. I gave you one key to that effect.

Personally, I’ve come to realise that the more you sing a particular song, the better you get at it.

Today, I want to talk about THE HOLY SPIRIT effect!

I believe your relationship with the Holy Spirit as a musician/minstrel is very important. It is HE who convicts both you and your audience. As you prayerfully meditate on the song, relying completely on Him, He will give you a certain revelation.

One day, as I prayed alongside a particular song my bishop had given me to do (And I have sang this song for more than 5 years), I caught a revelation which blew my mind. Since then, I have been tremendously blessed anytime I minister it, and the effect on my audience is even greater. That’s the work of the Holy Spirit!

There is nothing like an old song. The Holy Spirit will do wonders with it, if only you allow HIM to.