Do You Know The Enemy Has One Favourite Area Of Christianity That He Targets? [And Its Working]

The Holy Spirit in the Bible
When the devil wants to hijack the advancement of God’s people, he introduces subtle, yet destructive deceptions. Deceptions that are easy for us to embrace as truth, even though they are not presented in Scripture … anywhere!
I want us to consider one of these deceptions and its severe implications to every single Christian or church who has bought into the lie.
Why Does the Devil Hate the Holy Spirit?
One of the enemy’s favorite topics to target is the Holy Spirit. This is no coincidence. The more the enemy can confuse the church about the role of Holy Spirit, the more he can gain influence.
Consider this. The very Spirit of God that empowers ordinary men and women to be a restraining force to darkness in the earth has become reduced to being a controversial doctrine that we tolerate, at best, and ignore, at worst. This should not be so!
Satan hates the Holy Spirit intensely for one key reason. The Christian who fully embraces the revelation that he or she is actually filled with the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead becomes a spiritual Joshua or Caleb who enters into and releases the promise land of heaven on earth. We begin thinking, speaking, and acting like people who are, quite literally, possessed by God. Surely, this throws a wrench into Satan’s diabolical plans.
This is why the enemy so persistently perpetuates lies about the Spirit. He’s done this since the beginning of church history, causing division about how equal (or non-equal) the Holy Spirit is to God the Father and God the Son.
Controversy has continued all the way up into our modern era, where everything from speaking in tongues to the continuation of miracles to being “slain in the Spirit” is on the table for theological debate and division.
Yet, while Christians are dividing over the Spirit, darkness is gaining ground. This must stop if we are going to see a great worldwide revival prior to the Second Coming of Jesus.