Christianity is a can do attitude. Christianity is about Discipline and Responsibility. Responsibility to God and to Mankind
God wants us all to be like Christ, in fact, we are Christ-like ” …as He (Christ) is, so are we in this world (1John 4:17 KJV).
Some Ghanaian Christians have become so lazy  that they don’t even pray anymore. They only pray when they are in need or only when they go to church. Pastors are now extra busy because now apart from preparing for sermons, building up spiritual capacity and counselling they have to do, most of their time have now been taken over by church members trooping in and out of their offices with basic problems that as Spirit filled believers we must be able to solve on our own.
The attitude of ‘Pastor, pray for me is taking over’
Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with receiving prayers from your pastor the Bible says “Is any sick, let him call for the elders…’ (James 5:14).
But the Bible also enjoins us to heal the sick and rebuke demons (Like 10:9, 17). We have such a great power.
A baby Christian will seek prayers from the pastor,  a Son/Matured Christian  will stand and take hold of what he wants and will seek blessings from his pastor.
Every believer is responsible for his own spiritual growth and our growth is not dependent on anyone.
Fellowshipping is about believers coming together to bless each other, a son will get prayer partners and pray his breakthrough if he cant do it alone, he will pray till he gets it
A baby will go to the pastor to be prayed for and that will be the end, forgetting that he also must pray, even if its a prayer of thanksgiving.
Some Ghanaians go as far as to pay people to fast for them.
How can a person fast on your behalf?
Fasting is building up spiritual capacity, it sharpens your spiritual sensitivity.
When fasting, you must read the Word of God and pray, so the person fasting for you is
1. Abstaining from food and bringing His flesh under subjection
2. Reading the Word of God and thereby renewing HIS mind
3. Praying and therefore HE is fellowshipping with God
4. HE becomes Spiritual sensitive
5. He grows up Spiritually
6. He gets Revelation
So, at the end of the day, You have paid someone else to Become a Son in Christ while you remain a baby.
In most cases, the person you paid to fast for you doesn’t fast. How will you be able to tell if he fasted or not, after all, you don’t live with the person.
Most Ghanaians have become Sunday Christians, where they act the part of a Christian only on Sundays, others repeatedly give their life to Christ. They don’t even know the true meaning of being born again.
Church has become a social gathering where people go to see their friends, visit with people, gossip, connect for business and relationship and to show off.
We must get back to the fire of the church. We are the church, not the building, Believers are the church (1 Corinthians 12:12-27 KJV).
We must rise up and get the fire back in the church but it will start from us. We must allow the Holy Spirit free reign in our life and must remain Spiritually sensitive.
An awareness of our redemptive right in Christ is very empowering.
Believers must pray more, we must read the Word of God more, we need more revelation in the Word. We must spread the Word through various means of Evangelism and we must Stand up for God and not hide our faith.
Knowing who we are in Christ is a good place to start to get rid of the irresponsibility in the Christian attitude.