The key to overcome the problems you face in life as Christians

Serious Black woman sitting on sofa

We sometimes go through certain problems not because we deserve it but just to be strengthen deeper in Christ as Christians.

Sometimes this problems turns to teach us lessons beyond the understanding of human, being it good or bad. The deeper understanding you get in your crisis sometimes depends on the nature of the problem you find yourself.

It is, but only for a moment and a face in life that everyone has to go through. But some are privileged to have had a good foundation by their parents which exempt them from all this life issues. In fact others do have good foundations but still don’t have it easy to even possess their inheritance.

This does not mean God is impartial to have given some an easy life and others a difficult life. Everyone and their destiny or purpose on earth thus why all life stories sounds the same but are in different phrase.

What you carry determines your welfare, if you are born great, you are greatly tormented. The weight of the problems you face determines the weight of your destiny but it would depend on you the individual whether to stand still with God and fight or easily give up for those tormenting you to succeed by destroying your greatness.

If you are a Christian, you site with God and automatically His enemies are your enemies as well. They will surely do anything in their power to destroy every good thing He does. So bear in mind you are the handy works of God and He has good plans for you but those plans can only come true for you only when you obey His commands. Because He knows the best, what you are to do to overcome those who are against His plans for you thus prayers.

Prayer is the only key to solve that problem you face. That doesn’t mean you wouldn’t face any problem as you pray, the more you pray, the more the problem comes. Sometimes, those are the moment you get so hurt by being despised, accused, rejected, disgraced and humiliated.

These makes you feel as if you are never part of Gods creations but never get discouraged, pressed harder with fasting and prayers, reading of the word, praise and worship God in your heart and get closer to God. He will grant your dreams to come through because He is the author and finisher of our life.