The King’s business requires haste – By Bishop George Harris

What is the King’s business, the King’s business are the things that are of paramount importance to him. The things He give serious attention to. It is those things the King delights in.

The business of a king involves disciplining the people.

It also involves developing kingdom-minded people.
The business of the King requires immediate attention with accelerated speed.

The business of the king has no room for delays and procrastination.

In Luke 2:49 – For our King Jesus, he was conscious about His father’s business at an early age.
Jesus is the king and His business is spiritual in nature. That is bringing men and women into knowledge and faith of the Kingdom of Heaven.

When I say “I LOVE YOU”, I mean I genuinely mean you well, I think positively of you and I desire the best for you.
1 Samuel 21:8 “the King’s business requires haste”.

It’s basically soul winning. John 3:16. Jesus came to earth to rescue the perishing. That, His follower’s adapted to. As Christians and follower of Christ, we need to step into the anointing and have the interest of winning soul to fulfil the purpose of the King on earth.