The Life Beyond The Cross

It’s important we understood that Christianity is the life beyond the cross.

The cross represents redemption and the message of redemption is to let the world know that the price for their freedom from sin and Satan.

When a man who is outside Christ believes this good news, he becomes born again and automatically receives the new life and nature of God.

The new birth and new life goes beyond redemption. It goes beyond the cross. It’s now about the resurrection and the resurrection life of Christ.

But, sadly, most Christians and teachers of the word including even some acclaimed grace preachers are still focusing on the cross. Thus redemption, remission of sin and other cross related issues WHEN DEALING WITH THE CHRIST.

But, these form the messages that form the ENTRY POINT INTO CHRIST for the world.

It’s like all that we call grace focuses on the cross, which is the EVANGELICAL MESSAGE of what Jesus did on the cross about sin to make redemption and regeneration possible. This is below the Christian life.

But, Christianity began with the resurrection and therefore if there is growth, we should have gone beyond the cross and digging into the resurrection an living the resurrection life of power, glory and dominion.

The Church will be backward and make little impact in this world as long as the message of redemption meant as THE ENTRY POINT INTO CHRIST for the world remains the main diet for the man in Christ whose existence began after resurrection and actually has little to do with the cross.

The message after being born again should focus on living the resurrection life power, virtue, authority and glory and reflecting that glory, but it seems most of us are fighting about the basic things.