The Mind of a Teenage Girl

beautiful teen girl portrait with windy hair

Many body related questions come to mind when a young girl begins to hit your puberty stage. One trending question that can never go away are ones related to the menstrual cycle and breast development. This is very obvious due the diverse changes everyone goes through.

I got the opportunity to attend a youth program just last month. The program was focused on female body development. It was actually a girls’ club so every female around was very comfortable to ask questions they found puzzling. But make no mistake, cause for the first time i actually heard really strange stuffs i never imagined. Below are some of the questions asked teenage girls (Both reasonable and weird):

  • Do bras give you breast cancer?
  • Do some bras stop breast development?
  • When do i need a bra?
  • How do i know my bra size or the right bra cup?
  • Is it okay to sleep with my bra on?
  • I’ve realized one of my breasts look bigger than the other, should i be alarmed?
  • I feel a lump in breast and my friends say, it is breast cancer, though i don’t feel any pain, please what do you think?

One thing i know for sure when it comes to breast development and brassieres. Is that, it has no connection to breast cancer. Since Breast Cancer is caused by an abnormal growth in the body. It has not been fully proven what triggers it. Though every female is likely to experience this health condition as she gets older. 

For this reason, all women are advised to be physically fit in weight, eat well and live right. 

Also, no type of bra has the power to stop your breast from developing. A bra does not make one breast bigger than the other. Since it is actually made in the same shape for both breast.

Breasts naturally get to be a little misshaped when developing. Funny enough, you may be the only one noticing it. With a situation like this, a padded bra would be of absolute help. 

Aside that it is important to go see a doctor, obviously with your guardian or parent to check what is going on. Since some breast development can go very wrong.

Finally, you can follow the chart below in achieving your right breast size.