The plan of God for your life as a soul winner

To be an anagkazo person, you must be a servant of God – so that God can direct you through His word and the Holy Spirit to overcome all problems in life. Luke 14:16-23

In life, there is more to do than to pray about. James 1:25, Deut. 28:2, John 13:17.

Deut. 29:29 secrets are revealed to us and when we do them, they become ours.

Reason why is necessary to follow the plans of God

  •   When we follow the plan of God we receive his provisions.
  •   The central plan of God is to save sinners. 1 Tim 1:15
  •   God’s plan is tied to His grace so u when follow His plans we attract his grace. 2 Tim 1:9
  •   Therefore when we also follow the plan of God in soul winning, He will grant us the grace to have all things. Matthew 6:32-33 we should seek first the kingdom of God
  •   For us to be winners we need an Anagkazo (compelling) attitude.

We need to be servants to enable us be men and women of Anagkazo. Servanthood is a mindset. Philippians 2:5-7

What does the Bible classifies a servant to be?

Luke 7:1-9 A servant is someone who receives direction s and instructions from God and he does it.

  •    God directs us by His Spirit. Luke 4:17 -19. When the Holy Spirit came upon Jesus, the first instruction given to Jesus was for him to preach the gospel.
  •    God also directs His servants by His word. When we read the word of God, we will see the directions of God for His servants. Matthew 28:18-19, Mark 16:15, John 21:15.
  •    God directs His servants through His church through our Pastors. Hebrews 13:17 our pastors watch our souls with the authority of God.

All these 3 gives us instructions on God’s plan for soul winning.